Prepared Foods

After a hard days work, when you don't feel like cooking, we have the answer for you. Our take-out counter is always full of fresh, homemade items from entrees and side dishes to appetizers and salads. We DO NOT use any preservatives, MSG or other artificial additives of any kind. Our emphasis is on healthy! We use olive oil not canola oil in our dressings. We cook with coconut oils for the added health benefits, which gives you the comfort of knowing that even though you didn't make it, IT IS HEALTHY and GOOD FOR YOU! We only use Kosher salt, because there not any additives in it.

Guests coming over? From our kitchen to your table! When you've got the menu planning, prepping and cooking taken care of-all you have to do is smile and serve. Give us a call and our general manager, Franca Vlahos, will help you plan and execute the perfect evening. Her event planning experience makes her the best at what she does, no matter how big or small your event is!

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